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Sagamore Surgical Services, Inc. is a freestanding ambulatory health care entity providing surgical services. Our mission is to deliver safe, quality, convenient patient services in a warm, caring, and respectful atmosphere. We are dedicated to:

  • Continuous quality improvement involving the physicians, employees, and administrative staff.Maintaining the financial viability of the organization through efficient purchase, inventory, and utilization of supplies and equipment; and the efficient utilization of personnel, time, and space.
  • Encouraging innovation and leadership in surgical services.
  • Educating the patient and/or significant others in self-care management techniques and responsibilities within his/her own environment in order to foster a rapid, uneventful recovery, and return to his/her daily activities.
  • Providing privacy and confidentiality to all our patients.
  • Working to attain and maintain high standards of patient care that will permit us to provide our patients with a level of care that meets their expectations as well as the expectations of the licensing and accreditation agencies.
  • Being respectful of our coworkers, patients, family members/significant others, service workers, physician office personnel and all others we come in contact while conducting our business.
  • Conducting business and providing health care services in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and payor requirements and industry standards.