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Philosophy of Patient Care

Sagamore Surgery Center, being a service institution, is dedicated to providing quality care to our patients. The Center exists because of our patients and their surgical needs. All functions of this Center shall evolve around the patient, assuring them privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Our prime objective is to care for our patients in a manner conducive to recovery as completely, promptly, effectively, and economically as possible within his/her own environment. We believe that prevention of disease and health teaching are important to the accomplishment of this objective.

Because this Center is a service organization, we are aware at all times that we work with people and not “things”. Our contacts with the patient, family, and significant others needs to be understanding, supportive, friendly, and considerate.

Our staff will demonstrate their professionalism by promoting and teaching health maintenance and disease prevention; assuring patient safety, privacy, and confidentiality; keeping updated on new developments in ambulatory surgery and patient care; knowing, following, and helping to develop policies and procedures aimed at the efficient operation of the Center; participating in and helping to develop quality improvement studies; working together as a team, and working out any team member conflicts in a mature, productive manner.