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Why Choose Our Facility


Quality: In our twenty three years of providing service we have had only one post op infection.

Private: If privacy is important to you, Sagamore is the place to be. We are discrete and housed in a compact facility where running into your neighbor by accident is unlikely.

Efficient: We will not waste your time. At Sagamore Surgery Center you will arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled surgery time, not two hours before surgery is scheduled. We won’t be surprised to see you, you are expected. There won’t be a waiting line and we will have all of your lab work, X-rays, history and physical reports assembled and ready. You simply sign in and proceed to the pre-operative area.

High Value: Many of today’s insurance policies come with a high deductible that must be satisfied before the insurance company will pay and there may still be many patients without any coverage at all. Sagamore Surgery Center will likely be the surgical facility that can perform your operation at the lowest cost compared to any other hospital or surgical center in the area. Please call us for more information before you schedule your operation anywhere else. If your surgeon is not currently on staff at our facility have him/her contact us to become a member of the medical staff!

Pediatrics: Nearly half of our patients are children. We know how to make their care as nonthreatening as possible.